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Tour Quality Golf Instruction.

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Because you deserve the same expert instruction the pros get!

A package of 3, 5, or 10 golf lessons makes a perfect gift. Holiday pricing is available now.

"T.R. has a very strong understanding of the dynamics of the golf swing."

~Jim Flick

Hall of Fame Golf Instructor

"You can trust T.R. to make you better at golf. "

~Roger Fredericks

Golf Fitness Pioneer

"T.R. is all you need to get better."

~Alex Aragon

PGA Tour Professional


Private Lessons

Whether you are a first time golfer or a tournament winner, T.R. will custom tailor a golf lesson program to suit your needs. Lessons improving your long game, short game, and on-course performance are available and are combined with high speed cameras and Trackman doppler radar as standard tools in all sessions.

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Group Lessons

Bring friends or family to your lesson to have a private group lesson. We will cover the areas that concern your group whether it be your long game, short game, or your whole game. We can use the video in that time, work with Trackman, or even do a playing lesson. The pricing remains the same for any lesson type you need

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Series of Lessons

For continued improvement consider a series of lessons that can be pre-purchased at discounted rates

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T.R. Marritt, PGA

T.R. Marritt, PGA
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