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Tour Coaching
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"T.R. has a very strong understanding of the dynamics of the golf swing."
Jim Flick
Hall of Fame Golf Instructor
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I specialize in helping professional golfers advance their careers. Making sure you excel in three core categories:
1. Physical
~ A swing that produces consistent reliable results under pressure.
~ Exceptional putting by attending to line, speed, and green reading.
~ Short game that is second to none.
2. Feel
3. Psychological
~ Develop and maintain exceptional feel for distance, direction, trajectory, and scoring.
~ When the physical and the feel come together the fear goes away. That fearlessness leads you to more and more confidence.
In addition; all other facets to success are attended to such as fitness, nutrition, recovery, mentoring, scheduling, media, equipment, and sponsors. All great players know that it can't be done alone. I will ensure that you succeed.
"Thanks T.R. for a swing that holds up under the pressure of tournament golf."
Mitch Gillis
Professional Golfer