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T.R. Marritt, PGA
PGA Teaching Professional
I started playing golf at a young age and experienced all levels of competition from junior to amateur to professional. Along the way, I have learned from teachers, students, competitors, legends, family, and friends. The expertise and knowledge I have today is thanks to everyone who has shared with me. To all of you too many to mention - Thank you!

Here are some of the many who have influenced me over the years.

1979 - Joe Duffy. Head Pro at Williams Lake Golf Club where I first started playing golf. My first golf instructor.

1985 - Jack McLaughlin. Head Pro at Shaughnessy Golf Club. Legend in the Canadian golf industry who taught me the then popular Jimmy Ballard golf swing.

1988 - George Knudson. The best Canadian golfer of the time whose book "The Natural Golf Swing" moved me away from the Ballard swing.

1990 - Harry White. Golf Coach at the University of British Columbia. We had spirited discussions regarding the golf swing.

1992 - David Leadbetter. A video from this legendary swing guru deepened and expanded my knowledge of a golf swing. Followed by many more books and videos.

1994 - Billy Martin. Teaching Pro at KoOlina Golf Club in Hawaii where I was working as an assistant golf pro. Billy introduced me to the swinging of the golf club.

1995 - Received membership into the PGA of America.

1996 - Dr. Bob Rotella. His book "Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect" expanded my knowledge of the mental game of golf which started with W. Timothy Gallwey's "The Inner Game of Golf" in 1989.

1997 - Dr. David Wright. A mental coach I would visit who expanded my knowledge on the mental game of golf.

1999 - Mark Moore. The teaching professional at La Costa Resort and Spa who taught me the demeanor and heart that goes into teaching golf.

2001 - Jim McLean. Ran a golf school at La Costa Resort and Spa and taught me the business of golf instruction in addition to sharing his knowledge of the golf swing.

2004 - Roger Fredericks. Golf swing flexibility expert based at La Costa Resort and Spa who has deepened my knowledge of biomechanics.

2007 - Jim Flick. Legendary golf instructor based at La Costa Resort and Spa who shared his lifetime of knowledge with me.

2010 - Bob Toski. Member of 7 Hall of Fames as both a player and as an instructor. Mr. Toski shares with me the secret in helping golfers play better. Time together that I will never forget.

2011 - Phil Rodgers. A genius with a wedge. I've learned so much from our time together.

2012 - Mitch Gillis. Professional golfer. The best client a coach could ask for. I hope I helped him as much as he helped me.
Portland, Oregon